Golf Building - Dubai Hills


United Arab Emirates

Golf Building - Dubai Hills

Dubai Hills river point is a lush residential development that has man-made rivers running through both of its wadi’s’, or valleys. PA-21 is strategically located in the
middle plot, surrounded by the two wadis, making it one of the most valuable plots in river point. The proposed new design focuses on adjusting to the existing masterplan, yet creating a more broken down scheme to maximize views towards the wadi’s and creating a cozy experience that puts you in a modern world with a touch of the old-town closeness Internal courtyards on site are connected to one another through a series of walkways. Connections to the broader site through winding pathways are also made. Two wadis run along the outer edges of the site, creating wadi views for outward facing units. The side units have views outward onto two adjacent parks, while the central units have plaza views. The project rests within the dense mixed-use portion of Emaar’s Dubai Hills development. Nested within sparse
mid-rise buildings, the site consists of various residential building formations placed around two courtyards.

5732.95 sqm
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The Golf Building project sits within the new architectural hotspot of Dubai Hills Estate, alongside one of the biggest golf courses in the world. This project is defined by experiential moments and discovery, giving residents and visitors access and the view of the course whilst reinforcing its identity as a gateway to Dubai. The project is a midrise building with nine storeys and two levels for parking with amenities on the roof level.

The main objective of the design is to define and showcase the view of the golf course for all residents.

The main design strategy is to maximise the linear GFA by aligning with the golf view, and also by pushing and subtracting to increase and define the corners to add more visual views.

One of the project challenges was that it had to merge with the view and the landscape. However, with a  height of 9 floors in addition to 2 -floor parking, the design needed to be more compressed vertically and stretched horizontally by stepping the last 2 floors, also to define the penthouse and the rooftop amenities to express the full golf view.


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The target of GFA does not give the chance to shrink the platform of the last two floors, so the decision was made to add two-bed units on the second podium floor with a private garden where the required parking lots can be covered on the ground floor and Podium floor + half floor. This gives the chance for stepping the podium itself, which minimizes the feeling of a bulky look. We emphasized the horizontality of the building by adding thick slabs with different profile edges through the floors to give the feeling of dynamic horizontal lines, presented in deep terraces for activities merged with the view.

The Second proposal’s main design strategy was to have two-liner massing, one is double load while the other is single load. The two massing are on two different levels  - the higher in the back to add more view, in addition to the area for the huge double roof.

The idea of massing with open angles was to maximize the view for both buildings. The design of big frames in the façade is to frame the view with angle partitions for privacy, adding screens in the east façade to protect from the sun and to define the two massing, and to give the feeling of contrast between solid and void which makes the building unique .

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