News: Architecture leaders Awards 2022

News: Architecture leaders Awards 2022

Fantastic showcase of genuine talent  took place at the Sofitel Dubai The Palm On March 30, 2022. The 2nd edition of the Architecture Leaders Awards 2022 gala ceremony was a success. It was an incredible evening honoring the best architects, projects, and businesses.

And we are proud to be the winner of Innovation in Architecture Award-Winner for the Mivida project.

As the Whitespace Architects team received their award for innovation in architecture, we were also celebrating a decade in business, and the end of a great Q1 of 2022.

It is on evenings such as this we reflect on what makes us 'good' and the industry we work in. There is only one conclusion for all.

Human-centred design takes into account every single human being that your design decisions impact on. There is a myriad of people who will interact with your design and builds, from the drawing board to the end-user.

What environment are we designing for? We must spend time in that environment and observe. Watching people live, work and interact in their home domain. We may consider ourselves experts, but it is always important to never be the 'smartest person in the room'. For design and architecture, we can only know exactly what other people need by learning from them, our research becomes our knowledge, and the people, the very start.

We have to follow society's leads and needs so that we design with them in mind, and that goes beyond the primary user. More people - those who come before and of course, in architecture, those who will come after for decades to come.

Good design must always be about people.