The Valley-Townhouses


United Arab Emirates

The Valley-Townhouses

Located along the Dubai-Al Ain Road, The Valley seeks to expland Dubai’s urban footprint further inland.

Its secluded locality provides serene and luxurious living just a short drive away from various major landmarks.

The Valley is a quaint new town where vast shimmering sands and lush open spaces amalgamate in order to provide an experience like none other.

The masterplan of the Valley features villas of different magnitudes along with communities spaces inorder to provide the residents with a well-rounded residential experience.

The townhouse proposal is split into three unique types : willow , luna and alba , each embodying elegant, sublime and sophisticated characteristics, respectively.

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WILLOW - BOXES AND CHAMFERS : ELEGANCE A contemporary blend of boxes and lines. Modern, proud chamfers stand out in an elegant composition that brings a sense of place.

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LUNA - MASSES AND LINES: SUBLIME An innovative play of pure masses and fine lines. a minimalistic language brings a sense of calmness but still maintains a luxurious lifestyle.

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ALBA - FRAMES AND TEXTURES: SOPHISTICATION A sleek architectural language with a sense of elegance and verticality. Simple frames of various sizes work in harmony with simple textures to create a feeling of hierarchy and break the sense of symmetry and repetition